Lemon Ice Cubes

Lemon is my favourite fruit. I love the bright cheerful colour, the tart and sourish taste, and the zest of lemon is a wonderful cooking and baking ingredient. Probably the only tricky part for me is to use up the whole fruit all at once. So, making ice cubes out of lemon juice is a pretty neat idea. .

The only thing you'll need is the lemon/orange squeezing device and a pair of strong arms. The squeezing does get agonizing by the third or fourth lemon, but think of it as a good exercise to tone your arm.
Lemon Ice Cubes
8-12 lemons

  1. Squeeze lemon.
  2. Pick up the seeds. Strain pulp, if desired.
  3. Pour into ice cube tray.
  4. Freeze and use as necessary.

When life gives you lemons, make lemon ice cubes! Lemonades are so yesterday! Packed with vitamin C, it is a natural, preservative free vitamin C booster, and taste way better than the fizzy, chemical tasting, water soluble vitamin C tablets in the market (Redoxon, Cebion, etc). Mix 1 to 2 cubes into either water, honey or tea, and voila! Instantly refreshing lemon honey tea! Also nifty in cooking that requires lemon juice. Forget about the expensive, preservative laden, bottled lemon juice and substitute them with these.


  1. That's a clever idea, especially cos I always buy a whole load of lemon at a go.

  2. Yes, this is a great idea! I always do this with leftover lemons. Really a breeze to have around whenever only a tablespoon or two is needed! I tend to buy more lemons than I need, could not help it, love their vibrant and wonderful fragrance!

    1. You are right! Lemons are a wonderfully cheerful fruit!

  3. I always have a whole bag of lemons oh the fridge, this is a lovely idea to use up leftovers. :)

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