Hui Lau Shan @ 1 Utama

The mango trio, which consisted of a mango mochi with sliced mangoes, a pureed mango with mango bits and glutinuous rice balls, and a mango-coconut milk ice cream with jelly stripes.

Finally! The much talkabout mango-centric healthy dessert from Hong Kong reached the Malaysian shore! 許留山 Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert is now open at 1 Utama Shopping Centre! Fret not if you've never tasted it in Hong Kong, because you can now hop over to 1 Utama for a taste of Hui Lau Shan's mango themed sweet dessert.  

The extensive menu. Be prepared to wait here, as the crowd is crazy, especially during weekends.

Mangoes, black glutinous rice and coconut milk.

Price-wise, the desserts are on the high side, with the regular sized desserts and mini trio desserts going upwards RM12.00 and above. Certainly worth trying at least once albeit the price because this place gives the bang for your buck, if you are truly a mango lover. 
許留山 Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert
Lot FK-107, First Floor
Old New Wing 
One Utama Shopping Centre 


  1. Wow, it looks really good. I was actually just in KL last weekend. Should have tried this. Next time...

  2. yeah, this HLS is everywhere in hkg, it's like bound to see one in every street. I remember i tried their mango pomelo dessert and 2 more which i cant remember what they were..only remember the pomelo dessert bcos it was good!

    1. Hi Lena,

      Really? Wow, that is awesome! I can't help but to think that the HK version will be way better than what they serve in HLS 1 U even though its the same name. Do tell me if it is different when you taste the one in 1 U ok?


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