Restoran Bubur Goreng @ Taman Berkeley Klang

Ever heard of fried porridge, or bubur goreng or 炒粥? Me neither, and until I had the chance to taste this fried porridge in Restoran Bubur Goreng Klang, I would have think that the whole idea is ridiculous. It is not, and it is actually quite delicious!  

The fried porridge is cooked by stirfrying porridge with condiments and ingredients such as dried shrimps, yam cubes, cuttlefish shreds and topping with fried lard. Sounds simple, but totally satisfying in a comforting way, especially after a long day and a long drive to Klang.

It does look rather plain though. Aside from fried porridge, the restaurant also serves other stirfried noodle dishes and seafood.

Other than fried porridge my other must order dish in this place is the stirfried crab vermicelli. The huge crabs laden with roe lends their robust flavour to the otherwise plain vermicelli. I love picking on the roe and claws. 

Also bestsellers are their Hokkien fat noodles and superior soup lala. Almost all tables order these two dishes. This restaurant is quite popular, and can be crowded during dinner time, so either go early or be prepared to wait. 
Restoran Bubur Goreng 
32, 34 Lorong Lang, Taman Berkeley,
41150 Klang
Tel : 016-6868 579
Business Hours : 5.3opm - 2.45am


  1. How come I am staying in Klang and yet have not heard of this restaurant huh! lol! I am really suaku laa!

    1. Try them out and let me know if you like it! :)


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