Family Yong Tau Fu @ USJ 14

Yong tau fu is one of the comfort food that is better eaten outside than recreating at home. Literally means stuffed beancurd, a yong tau fu place usually has assorted stuffed vegetables such as brinjals, chilli and bittergourd, as well as various types of stuffed beancurds, beancurd sheets and fishballs. Pictured above were the stuffed vegetables, and fried stuffed beancurd sheets, below.


 Asam fish, Fish in spicy and sour gravy.

 Most yong tau fu specialty shop, such as Family Yong Tau Fu also offers side dishes other than yong tau fu. Side dishes such as asam fish, fried chicken wings, blanched vegetables and pork trotters in vinegar are usually available.

 The Family version of pork trotters in vinegar is appetizing, best eaten with white rice.


Family Yong Tau Fu
Jln USJ 14/1M,
Subang Jaya,
Malaysia 47620