Sweet Talk @ The 19 USJ City Mall

Mango cream with pomelo 杨 枝 金 露 @ Sweet Talk.

Hong Kong style dessert place is popping up at almost every corner of the city, offering more than just dessert: snack food and light meals are almost always available. One of the newly opened desserts cafe in The 19 USJ City Mall, Sweet Talk is a convenient for residents staying at the apartments on top, as well as the vicinity of the mall. Residents can now leisurely stroll into this neighbourhood dessert shop after dinner.

Notably the most interesting menu item we ordered was this set made up of a trio of a dessert soup, jelly and a pastry item. This set comes with a mango cream with pomelo 杨 枝 金 露 (yáng zhī jīn lù), andiamond shaped osmanthus with wolfberries jelly and a polo bun with butter.

The peanut cream however, did not meet our expectations of a smooth and creamy peanut cream soup. It was a grainy.

The ginger syrup smooth beancurd 豆腐花 doufuhua  was not as smooth as it should be as well. I couldn't finish this as it was too coarse for my liking.Nonetheless, if I were to return to this place I will stick to ordering the trio set, as it was far better than the rest of the menu items we sampled.

Sweet Talk
Lot KG3, Ground Floor,
The 19 USJ City Mall,
Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan,
USJ 19, 47620 Subang Jaya,