Krish Curry House @ Persiaran APEC Cyberjaya

Ever since discovering this curry house in the vicinity of the working place, we dropped by for lunch at least once a week to have our fill of rich and colourful serving of banana leaf rice. The choices of meat dishes are pretty decent, dominated by plenty of chicken and mutton dishes. We are not complaining, as we prefer to have banana leaf rice with chicken or mutton anyway. The standard price of a banana leaf rice meal with 3 vegetable dishes, rice and popadum, cost RM6.00. They have an ongoing banana leaf rice meal set with 3 vegetable dishes, rice and popadum, 1 meat dish of your choice and 1 fruit juice for RM13.50.

Mutton curry. Ginger chutney and rasam to go with your banana leaf rice is also available. As usual, except for the meat dishes, everything is refillable.

The fried chicken is fried to order, to ensure freshness.

Thosai masala and thosai rawa.

Aside from banana leaf rice, this place also serves other Indian fares such as naan, tandoori, tosai, Indian style stir-fries, and the likes. Overall, the place is clean quiet, although parking can be problematic. We usually parked at the Petronas during peak lunch hour.

Krish Curry House
3A Cottage Walk,
Persiaran APEC,
Cyber 6, Cyberjaya
Tel: 03-83204290


  1. How come the set rice more expensive? Drinks 7.50 ?

  2. Cos the set got 1 choice of meat. The RM6.00 one is vegetarian, no meat dish.

  3. one of most expensive shop in cyberjaya limau ais RM 2.00.CHICKEN BRIYANI RM 17.00.Even the Arab Briyani shop charge just around Rm 10.00 for their briyani.


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