Jogoya Japanese Buffet @ Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur

We conquered Jogoya, at long last! I believe this place needs no introduction. Undoubtedly for the locals, the phrase Japanese buffet is highly associated with Jogoya, the revered establishment where most, if not all declared their undying love of Japanese buffet for. The establishment, housed within Starhill Gallery with big names such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Tiffany in the heart of Kuala Lumpur offers a touch of grandeur to the dining experience. Traffic in Bukit Bintang isn't exactly pleasant, and we generally avoided that area unless there is a specific reason. Well, finally, the stars aligned, and we dropped by for a buffet lunch session. Reservations were made two days earlier, and on the day itself, JBoy and I were pretty much excited. It took us more than one hour drive to reach that place in mid morning traffic (precisely why I don't go there often) and we joined the lunch crowd, piling our plates with a wide variety of food. We were seated at a quiet corner, and we love the privacy offered by the nook.

Drop your pin into the bowl to order.

Made a pot of green tea to aid digestion.

Sashimis. Cold stuffs.

Steamed food. We had garoupa and lokang.

We had a good sampling of food offered that day.We ate plates after plates of sashimis, steamed and fried seafood, hot pots, double boiled soups, cakes and desserts. There were also things that we did not manage to try, mostly the sushis, cooked food, pasta dishes, noodles, dimsums, cocktail drinks and chocolate fondue.

For some reason that escaped me, JBoy ordered a kampung fried egg =_=|||

Love the free flow fresh coconut juice Haagen Dazs and New Zealand Naturals! There's also pancakes, waffles, cakes and Japanese desserts. As with buffet places, desserts are just passable. Nothing spectacular, despite the dainty and tasty appearance.

This place certainly knows how to make their high paying customers feel special - VIP members are eligible to order exquisite dishes, which are off-limit to non-members. Variety and selection wise almost the same as other Japanese buffets, taste-wise it was almost the same as well. The novelty factor of dining inside a classy place is the selling point more than the food itself.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet
T3, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Buffet Lunch
11:30~16:20 [Weekday]
11:00~16:20 [Weekend and PH]

Buffet Dinner
17:00~21:30 [Weekday]
17:00~21:30 [Weekend and PH]

Buffet Supper
21:40~24:00 [Weekday]
21:40~24:00 [Weekend and PH]

Child Fees
Height 80~100cm RM10++
Height 101~120cm Half Price++
Height 121cm above Full Price++


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