The Vanilla Place @ Empire Shopping Gallery

We happened to notice this place when we attended a conference in The Empire Hotel. This place was justvisible from the hotel to shopping complex connector staircase, and I can't help but to be captivated by the huge scones in display every time I happen to see it. So on the last day of the conference, we popped by, sat down and specifically ordered only one thing: the scone, although The Vanilla Place offer a huge menu of Italian food, fusion food, drinks and hi-tea selections.

The scone came with the whole nine yards of fresh fruit, jam, marmalade and butter (no clotted cream though). It was a pretty side, but maybe because of high expectation, the scones was a letdown. Sure, it comes with butter, marmalade, jam and even a sliver of strawberries, but it wasn't the "wow, its so buttery light, it melted in my mouth!" reaction I was looking after, unlike the buttery, flaky T-Forty Two scones.

Still, from what I gather from other blogs they serve decent Italian food. Maybe we ordered the wrong item? I am willing to try this place again.

The Vanilla Place
FK01, 1st Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery,
SS/1 16 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday 10am -10pm
Contact No.: +603-5022 2198