Starbucks Cake Pops and Mini Cupcakes

Starbucks is selling cake pops and mini cupcakes now! Just for today (10th March 2011), Starbucks is offering a free cake pop for every cocoa cappuccino coffee. There is a pink cake pop called "Birthday Cake Pop" and a chocolate cake pop called "Rock n Roll Cake Pop" (RM6.00 each), as well as carrot cheese cupcake and chocolate cupcake (RM4.80 each).

Initially even the baristas thought we were kidding, but in the end we managed to get one.

This is the cake pop, unwrapped. The size is bigger than a ping pong ball but smaller than a tennis ball. Quiet heavy actually. When we tried to hold by the stick, it sort of bent. The insides a dense and dotted with some nuts. Pretty much chocolate-y and not too sweet.

The new drink launched by Starbucks: Cocoa cappuccino. I don't really like it. Maybe because I had it cold as hot cocoa is always better? Then again, I felt that the drink tried too hard not to be mocha, but at the same time seems to taste like it.


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