Daorae Lunch Set @ USJ Taipan

We just realized that Daorae serves set lunch too, just like their competitor down the road, Han Woo Ri. Set lunch is available daily from 12.00pm to 3pm. Most of the sets offered are quick meals in the form of bento boxes (pictured above) and instant noodles (pictured below). Prices start from RM14.00 per set. Not as elaborate as Han Woo Ri's set lunch though, and we never tried refilling the banchans. Despite ordering a bento with a meat dish, the meat is very scarce and thinly sliced. So for lunch that day, we eat a healthy serving of vegetables, both fresh and fermented.

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant
Top Speed Business Center 8c Jalan USJ 10/1
47620 Subang Jaya, Malaysia