That Morning Seafood Place opposite Hock Soon Keong Temple @ Teluk Intan

Spicy stirfried sotong. Somewhat like kungpao sotong, but taste slightly different. Spicier, with more kick.

I am going back today, and this is definitely the last post right before Chinese New Year. Yay! Can't wait to go home and have a good rest and some good food. Speaking of good food, I can't believe I never blog about this seafood place we usually eat for breakfast back in Teluk Intan. The Chinese New Year crowd there will be crazy so we can't be going there this time round, but any other ordinary day it is a decent place to have a meal. There's no proper shop, let alone a signboard, so I have no idea what's the name of this place. It operates on the same lot where Soon Kee restaurant used to be, right opposite the Hock Soon Keong Temple. We've been calling it "the spicy fish place" because we must order that dish when we eat there. This place caters for the breakfast/brunch crowd.

This is the must-order spicy stirfried fish dish. Delish! There's lard and crunchy, preserved vegetables in it, which I like to pick and eat.

Also recommended is the steamed fish. The fish is nicely done, with the right balance of light soy sauce and onion oil.

The mandatory greens: Stirfried potato shoots in sambal belacan. Young, crunchy and tender. 

Food price is relatively reasonable here, as Teluk Intan is near the sea and fishing villages.

That Morning Seafood Place opposite Hock Soon Keong Temple @ Teluk Intan serves reasonably priced seafood and bak kut teh. Available morning through noon only.