Pappa Rich – The Malaysian Traditional Delights

Steamed thick, white fluffy bread.

I was chatting with SquareCookie, and she mentioned that she had never eaten in Pappa Rich. So, I dug out all the random food photos I took in Pappa Rich, and compiled a post for her. A chain establishment serving Malaysian traditional delights, Pappa Rich has been explanding quite rapidly of late. Whenever we see Oldtown White Coffee, there's bound to be a Pappa Rich nearby. However, the same items offered in Pappa Rich is more expensive than Oldtown White Coffee.

 Soft boiled eggs. you have to crack your own eggs here. Add soy sauce and white pepper to taste.

Soybean milk and glutinous riceballs with fillings. Satisfying thich soybean milk, good for rainy days.

Surprisingly, the chicken rice set is good enough to pass as decent.

Their sambal nasi lemak, on the other hand, tasted a bit off. The sambal is not sweet and savoury enough.

The porridge was acceptable.

Dry curry mee with curry chicken. Passable. Curry was thick and creamy enough. 

Durian cendol dessert. Sweet, pungent and creamy.

While we find that Oldtown White Coffee has been too commercialized that the food quality is going another way, we are glad that Pappa Rich's food is still good enough for a franchise cafe. At the moment, that is. In all, it is hard not to draw comparison between the few popular Malaysian style cafes such as Oldtown White Coffee, Pappa Rich, Old Taste, and Kluang Station, to name a few. Pappa Rich serves the best food at the moment, even though the price is highest compared to the others. Then again, food quality also differs from outlet to outlet. Do check out the set deals for different time of the day. Their tea time set, which consist of steamed/toast bread and a choice of coffee and tea goes for RM4.80++ at the moment.

Pappa Rich - The Malaysian Traditional Delights
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