Mom's Homestyle Mee Rebus

2010 is a good year for us at We had fun eating, taking photos, and totally enjoyed the process of making a functioning site. For all those who drop by, a million thanks for your support.

To wrap up the year we are going to feature MommyC's homestyle mee rebus made by communal effort during one of the holidays I went back to my hometown.

It was a lot of work made possible by the effort of many. We cut and sliced, washed and dried, boiled and blanched, but it was all fun.

We chopped our own corianders. (and chillies, lime, eggs, shallots...), blanched the bean sprouts and yellow noodles, fried our own keropok, which also means we made our own batter, peel our prawns and deep fried our own fritters. We also blend and cook our own chili paste.

And all left is a little bit of assembling. A ladleful full of gravy. Tadaa! Awesome home style mee rebus!

Its the last day of year 2010. In just a few hours, the year is going to end, and we are sure that everyone is busy ushering the new year. Do have fun! Make merry! Have a blast!