Lot 10 Hutong @ Jalan Bukit Bintang

What was supposed to be Uniqlo hunting turns out to be a pleasant discovery of the much talked about Lot 10 Hutong Cafe. Needless to say I was really happy for the fruitful day of shopping and eating. It was an exhilarating experience to sample so many unique delicacies in Hutong, originated from the best loved food in Malaysia, many of which now are already in the business for three or four generations already.

With so many to choose from, we had to pick a few to try, and we settled for Mo Sang Kor Bak Kut Teh, Song Kee beef noodles and some roasted stuffs from Duck@Ducking. It was really hard to choose from, as they are all equally tantalizing.

We've eaten the original Mo Sang Kor in Klang, and is happy to note that the quality is preserved. They taste almost the same. Certainly something worth to eat here even though its pricier, because all Mo Sang Kor branches sold out very early.

We also had Soong Kee beef ball noodles from Taman Tun Siew Sin, Kuala Lumpur. I never tried the original place, so, while the dried beef noodles with mixed beef and tripe was good, I can't help but wonder if the original shop will serve better ones.

Aside from that we also ordered a mixed platter of roast duck, barbecued pork(siew yuk) and roast pork(siew yuk) from Duck @ Ducking. The duck was exceptional - totally devoid of the icky duck smell, with melt in mouth duck fat. The roast pork was equally good - crispy skin, tender and flavourful meat. We found that the barbecued pork a tad too salty and tough though.

Nostalgic decorations makes us feel like we are walking down memory lane.

With other big names such as Hon Kee Porridge (They have a branch in USJ, so I've tried that), Ho Weng Kee pork ribs noodles, Luk Yu dimsums, Kim Lean Kee Hokkien Mee and lots more, I certainly felt that I missed out a lot on that day.

Lot 10 Hutong
Lower Ground Floor,
Lot 10 Shopping Mall,
50, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
50250, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2141 0500


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