Little Taiwan

Little Taiwan is expanding rapidly of late, as I can see more and more branches opening in the malls I frequent. This Taiwan style cafe is a homegrown franchise serving Taiwanese fares such as set meals, noodles, snacks and the famous Taiwanese bubble milk teas.

We shared a set among us to try out. Afterall, we are quite skeptical towards halal Taiwanese food. How could braised pork rice be halal and still taste good? The set we ordered consist of a main fried chicken cutlet, halal braised rice, soup, side vegetables and fruit.

Following are photos of the dishes in the set photographed separately.

The meatball soup.

Fried chicken cutlet.

Braised tofu.

Pickled vegetables.

In short, I felt that this place has an extensive menu, which also includes many snacks suitable for light meals or maybe just a drink. The main meals, while comes in a complete set, is quite canned in taste, something to be expected from a franchise place.