Great Taste Hong Kong Dim Sum @ USJ 21

Following a brief introduction of this place in newspaper, I decide to revisit and sample the dim sum offerings from Great Taste Hong Kong Dim Sum. I was there before when they were at the opposite site of the road and I left with mixed feeling, partly due to the place being too new. (My previous post of Great Taste Hong Kong Dim Sum)

Custard salted egg yolk bun with a rabbit lotus paste bun perched on top. Oozy, gooey and awesome custard salted egg yolk bun. Beware of the drippy fillings!

Well, this time round it was pretty impressive. The place was bustling even though it was a weekday morning. As for the dim sums, the varieties offered is quite extensive with reasonable prices.
Siew mai, with real fish roe.

Meticulously formed har gau skin is a difficult art to master.

Century egg porridge with crispy fried dough.

Black bean steamed pork ribs.

Fried radish cake. Crispy, fragrant and good without chili.

We picked a few regular favourites: har gau (shrimp dumplings), shiu mai (meat dumplings), fried carrot cakes, as well as some special items such as twice cooked meat buns (panfried steamed pau), lao sha pao (bun with custard and egg yolk fillings), bunny lotus paste buns and century egg porridge.

Twice cooked bun: panfried steam bun.

Yam puff (wu kok). Crispy.

Flaky pastry egg tarts.

Polo bun with sweet char siew filling.

We love all of them, especially the twice cooked meat buns and the bun with custard fillings. I am happy to say that this place totally live up to its promise, and certainly worth visiting. However, since the location is within the vicinity of the famous Hoong Foong Dim Sum (which offers competitive prices), I would have imagine some competition going on.
Great Taste Hong Kong Dim Sum

No. 1-1, Jalan USJ 21/6,
47630 UEP Subang Jaya


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