Carl's Jr. Burgers

This is the place that we always refer to as "the expensive burger" when we are thinking of a place to have fast food. Significantly more expensive and exclusive than our usual to-go places such as McDonald's and Burger King, Carl's Jr. burgers stood out because of the it was delicious, and they have chilli fries! We've tried a few charbroiled beef burgers and they are juicy, meaty, and stacked full of good stuffs. They even have low carb version, where the burger bun is swapped with lettuce. Also avalaible are a selection of crispy fried or charbroiled chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, fish sandwiches and a variety of salads.

Carl's Jr. in Malaysia is a halal establishment, which means we don't get pork bacon in our burgers, and no pork burger selections as well. I can't wait to try Carl's Jr. elsewhere where it is non halal! As for now, I usually stick to the charbroiled beef burger options and the awesome natural cut fries drenched in chilli and melted cheese.

Carl's Jr. Mid Valley Megamall
Lot T-023
3rd floor, next to GSC cinema

Carl's Jr. Sunway Pyramid
Lot LL2.121 - LG 2, Marrakesh

Carl's Jr. One Utama
Lot G 210C - Old Wing

Carl's Jr. Pavilion
1.29.03, Level 1 - next to food republic

Carl's Jr. The Mines Shopping Fair
Lot L3-19A - Level 3 with drive thru