Kenny Rogers Roasters

Kenny Rogers muffins.

Did I tell you about how BlurSis, who was underweight (the scale registered that she BARELY reach the OK TO DONATE region, so she is given the thumbs up sign by the medical officer), went on and donated blood along with JBoy, who is like, twice her weight, and they both donated the same ammount of blood? Oh, wait, I just told you guys. So yes, they did donated blood, screamed for meat, and we ended up having Kenny Rogers that day.

Roast chicken and potatoes.

Pasta sides.

I believe this is one of the noble cause they accomplished in year 2010, so they deserve a mention before the year ends.
Kenny Rogers Roasters, chicken with two side dish.

Do people actually feel really hungry after blood donation? I wonder.


  1. you didn't donate? or still lacking of red blood cells?

    :( I miss out this year too.

  2. Nope! sqeamish like mad aitelyu! I see also scared d. Then fill in form time see got history of anaemia better not donate. You regular donor or just thinking of starting?

  3. Hoho.. awesome. The blood flow out of fast that I didnt realized that 450ml was filled up in no time. Hoho.. underweight didn't seemed to be it. After donation and my sister so well feed me that I when i weight a few days ago was 47.5kg .


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