My Mamak Recipe @ Satok

Our Cultural Village experience was a blast! We spent the whole morning there and it was way past lunch time when were done exploring the places. Not wanting to eat in Cultural Village, we decided to drive back to the city for lunch, but we were really hungry and haven't really think of where to eat. Reaching outskirts of town somewhere near Satok, BlurSis recommends this place which serves kickass Malay cuisine. Overjoyed for finding food earlier than we thought, we settled down and ordered some stuffs. Not wanting to miss eating more Sarawak laksa, I ordered them again, despite just having it for breakfast at Choon Hui Cafe, Ban Hock Road. Their version of laksa is very creamy, savoury and does not disappoint.

BlurSis sticks to what she loved best here: The nasi ayam penyet with ulam raja and sambal. The sambal was really good!

J ordered mee mamak just to be safe. They served this humble dish beautifully, with just the right amount of gravy and ingredients. I tasted some and almost refuse to give him back his food. Yes it was that good.

This is the sambal and lime which MUST be added to the Sarawak laksa for the extra kick. I have to say, it was one of the best meals I had in Kuching. It was a rare gem to find places like this where the food is good and the ambiance is cozy.

My Mamak Recipes is in Satok, Kuching. They serve a wide variety of homely Malay style cuisines.