Kolo Mee @ Ta Wan Kung, Kuching

On the last day of our trip, we pay homage to the national food of Kuching, the kolo mee. The Kuchingnites really love their kolo mee, which is why kolo mee is sold in every coffee shops and food court, and even in upmarket shopping complexes. Fabian recommended this coffee shop called Ta Wan Kung (literally translated as Big Bowl Lord) which serves one of the best kolo mee in Kuching. The shop sells nothing else other than a variety of kolo mee, such as the normal kolo mee, to kolo mee drenched in barbecued pork oil and pork chop kolo mee.

We had the normal kolo mee, which, in our humble opinion, is the best kolo mee we have eaten in our entire trip. Thank God we arrived earlier, had we arrived any later, we had to stand just to wait for tables. Despite the popularity, prices are still affordable. We paid RM2.80 per bowl for the normal kolo mee.

Ta Wan Kung is located in Ang Cheng Ho area, just opposite the KMC Swimming Pool.