Organic Vegetarian Fresh Mart and Restaurant @ SS18, Subang Jaya

It was the last few days of the 9 emperors vegan festival, so we had vegan food for dinner tonight at this Organic Vegetarian Fresh Mart and Restaurant at SS18, Subang Jaya. It has been awhile since I ate here, so here it is, the photos, although it doesn't look too nice. Stir fried mee mamak, also came laden in fresh vegetables. Meals here are accompanied with a lot of vegetables, something sorely lacking in most the organic food places that I've visited.

Thin crust Hawaiian pizza with vegan cheese.

Spaghetti with a side of salad. Portions are really big and should really be shared.

Black sesame peanut cookies.

This place offers a huge selection of organic produce ranging from fruits and vegetables, to health food, skin care and household products.

Organic Vegetarian Fresh Mart and Restaurant
17 & 19 Jalan SS18/1B, Subang Jaya
Tel: +603 5636 2468
Opening Hours: 9.00am to 9.00pm (Mon to Sat); 9.00am to 3.00pm (Sun)


  1. organic foods are the best for our health since they are free from dangerous chemicals and toxins ~"'

  2. [...] I do drop by for a meal or two. One of the restaurants that I usually frequent (the other being Organic Fresh Mart) is Be Lohas Cafe, which has numerous branches in Klang Valley. LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles [...]


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