Eggs in the Basket, with Love

Eggs in the basket is a simple egg and toast dish consisting of an egg fried in a hole of a slice of bread. The slice of bread can also be substituted with a waffle or bagel. Initially I had wanted to buy some thick bread to try this recipe out, but I found myself hungry in the middle of the night and raided the kitchen to make this. Yes I ate it for supper, but I can see that this dish fully belongs to the breakfast food category that goes with some bacons and sautéed mushrooms fabulously. Of course, to keep it simple, a dash of crushed pepercorns and some ketchup is all that is needed to gobble up this tasty combination of egg and bread.

Anything can be used to cut out the hole. Glass rim, cookie cutter, or even tear it out. I used my onigiri maker, which explains the rounded triangular shape.

I used butter to pan fry them for the wonderful smell. Be careful not to crank up the gas too high or the bottom will be burnt before the egg cooks on top. Else, give them a flip, but it wouldn't look nice as the egg will be all messed up. This dish is known by many names, such bird's nest, cowboy eggs, egg-in-the-hole, the Elephant Egg Bagel, frog in a hole, gas house eggs, moon eggs, one-eyed monster, and Rocky Mountain toast. I reserved the cut-out of the bread and make a heart shape out of it. Buttered them up and brown them in the pan. They are great for soaping up runny yolks. And of course, it is a pleasant surprise to make for the receiver of this meal. Cut up some fresh fruits or vegetables to garnish. I had some apples and lightly fried tomatoes to go with mine. Wished I have some strawberries, but that will do for now.
Eggs in the Basket 
X slices of bread
X eggs
butter (or any oil used for frying)

  1. Make a hole in the bread
  2. Spread butter on both sides of the bread
  3. Heat up the pan, melt some butter
  4. Slide in the bread and break the egg into the middle
  5. Fry until egg is in desired consistency, flip if necessary


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