Ninja Joe Pork Burger

"Give me 2 ninjas and a pack of shuriken!" That is exactly how our order sounded in Ninja Joe, the fast food place selling pork burgers in Tropicana City Mall. When we saw the word "PORK BURGER", we were sold! We were so eager that we ordered a burger each, and sat down eating even when it wasn't exactly mealtime.

The menu. Not a wide selection but there's pork burger on it and we are happy. The burgers come in six flavours: Original, teriyaki, black pepper, oriental, sweet and sour, and spicy.

The shuriken thingy, which are actually pork and potato croquettes in the shape of a shuriken. Nice! The ninja burgers may be mini in size, but they are cute and good for light eaters and as a snack.

Ninja Joe
Lot LG 18 Tropicana City
No 3, Jln SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya


  1. [...] some cucumber slices and chili sauce in between toasted sesame buns. Totally a different taste from Ninja Joe, but quite satisfying [...]

  2. The burger seems small, but can it fill a stomach? =)

  3. Yes, its actually quite tiny. A guy might have to eat 2 - 3 just to feel full. =)


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