The Jetty @ Batu Kawan

My family and I had a blast driving through Penang-Ipoh eating and sightseeing. I finally finished sifting through my food trip, and is ready to put them all up. The next few posts will be dedicated to posts about our trip. Our first lunch somewhere in the outskirts of Penang at Batu Kawan. This place is a charming fishing village with the dining area overlooking the sea. It was lunch and the weather was scorching hot. We had nutmeg juice to cool off (not pictured).

We had barbecued crab. We agreed that crab with sauce and gravy taste much better.

But then again, BlurSis wouldn't be able to do this if the crab is all chopped up and cooked in gravy.

We also had tom yam style steamed sting ray.

And steamed mantis prawn.

We didn't really stop too long here as we were rushing to reach Penang by the evening. Food wasn't so great and on the pricey side, probably due to the place being a tourist hotspot.

Jalan Batu Kawan, Bukit Tambun.