Hawker Food @ Penang Part I

pork noodle

We had pork noodles.


And Penang curry noodles with pig's blood, bloody cockles and cuttlefish.


Orh-chien, or fried oysters with eggs.

belacan chicken

Belachan chicken to share among us.

baked fish

And dry style baked fish served on banana leaves.

Right after the meal we hit the Friday night market (pasar malam).


  1. Greenlane ar??

    I almost vomit at the sight of pig's blood and that other bloody stuff. *puke*

    That fish and chicken looks tasty. Still remember where is it? I wanna try.

  2. Erm, at Greenlane near the Friday pasar malam. Honestly, I think belachan chicken and the fish are sold all over the island. Ask the locals to bring you to a really nice one, as the one I ate not exactly very nice lor. But the curry mee nice :P tapihor, you scared blood.

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