Big Tree Foot (大树脚) Roadside Hawker @ Pasir Pinji -The Drinks

From left to right: Mixed fruit, ice blended red beans, ice blended dragonfruit, mixed fruit again.

The reason why I separated my Big Tree Foot (大树脚) Roadside Hawker post into two was because I think the drinks totally deserve another post on their own. Look at these colourful concoctions:

 They are authentic fruit juice. They have exotic juices like dragonfruit, beets and corn. Their drinks were served in heavy glass mugs. Dragonfruit and corn. Yum, fancy some blended corn?

Mixed fruit, in all its glory. There's lychee, pineapple, papaya, dragonfruit, watermelon and a slice of lemon in it.

So colourful, they instantly light up my day.
Big Tree Foot (大树脚) Food Court
1427 Jalan Prince
Kampung Pasir Pinji Baru, 31650 Ipoh, Perak