Rice based Food in Thailand

Dragonboat festival always reminded me of Qu Yuan, and bachang, and the nain ingredient to make bachang: glutinous rice. Where is the best place to get the best rice, if it is not in Thailand, land of the rice?

Back then when we were in Hatyai, our daily meals consisted at least one portion of rice or rice based food.

The Thai has awesome glutinous rice to make delicious, succulent dumplings.

Ditto to this humble glutinous rice with meat slice. Taste better than it looks.

Fragrant rice cooked with yam and dried shrimps.

Teochew porridge, with grains of rice soaked in flavourful fish broth.

The mushy, easy to swallow congee.

Fried kuetiow!

Vermicelli, or beehoon soup.

Do savour the rice and rice based food in Thailand if you are there, they are really awesome and different from those you can get in Malaysia.