Kafe Chai @ Neo Cyber

Mango lassi.

One of our favourite lunch place happens to be this Indian cuisine located next to Domino's Pizza in Neo Cyber. The menu consist of curry dishes, biryani rice, naan bread and tandoori, soup and appetizer. For drinks, they serve a variety of Indian spice tea, tonic fruit juices and lassi.

Plain naan.
Papri Chaat.
For starters I like their naan and papri chaat. Both makes a good starter course. We always order papri chaat as the starter, as the crunchy texture of the fried dough immersed in cold yogurt is especially appetizing in the hot weather.

Chicken tandoori.
Chicken tandoori.

My usual order of chicken nasi biryani served in claypot. The pot contains chunky pieces of chickens amongst aromatic, spiced biryani rice. The rice is served with a side of salad and curry gravy. Dig in for hidden chicken pieces. The chicken tandoori tasted authentic, with the right blend of herbs and spices.

Chicken tandoori and naan.

The tandoori chicken comes with garlic naan, a side salad and curry gravy. The fiery red of the chicken makes the chicken looks appetizing. It was not spicy at all. Despite lunch hour, this place is always just half full, mainly due to the price of food which is not student friendly. As for me, this is also an occasional indulgence when I am tired of the cafeteria food in the workplace.

Kafe Chai
Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat,
Cyberjaya, 63000,