Happy 端午节! Big Bak Zhang @ Yook Tho Yin

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Happy 端午节! Happy 粽子 Eating Day! I might sound quite hyper right now because I am so happy to discover this big zong zi 粽子 from Yook Tho Yin. Also known as bak zhang 肉粽 (literally translated into meat dumplings) in Hokkien, this is a delicacy in the fifth of the fifth Lunar month in the Chinese calendar to commemorate Qu Yuan.

Look at the size and compare it with the small conventional alkaline zhang (dumplings).

  The big  zhang (dumplings) cost MYR20.00, the slightly smaller one was MYR10.00 bought at the same place. The two small alkaline  zhang (dumplings)  are for comparison purpose. 

I couldn't wait to open it up just to see what fillings they have inside. It was all wrapped with lotus leaves outside, and the bamboo leaves inside.

The white fluffy glutinous rice inside.

There's salted egg yolk, three layer belly pork, yun cheong (organ sausage), roasted meat, oyster, cashewnut, chestnut, mungbean, dried shrimp and undiscovered items because I just managed to eat half of it.

Restaurant Yook Tho Yin
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