Cupcake Chic @ Sunway Pyramid

Cupcakes from Cupcake Chic.

Disclaimer: This post is written under the influence of sugar.

I am an ice cream girl and I am proud to admit it. So, when cupcakes took over the world in storm, I was wondering if I am missing something. Most of the time when I look at the cupcake display, my brain seems to be thinking more of, "Ahh, nice decoration", rather than, "OMG! OMG I WANNA SINK MY TEETH INTO THESE CUTE SUGARY BABIES!"

Besides, for the price of one cupcake I can get myself a nice scoop of Italian gelato, and for a few bucks more I can slurp on my NZN's hokey pokey already. Oh wait, I have already declared my undying love towards ice cream, haven't I? So yeah, when people recommend me cupcakes I will be like, "Okay, I will try when I go Sunway Pyramid", because that was the only place I could recall having a Cupcake Chic stall, and going all the way to (I forgot where) to get Wondermilk cupcake is not cost effective, given that I don't dig cupcake as much.

So, Sunway Pyramid it is then. And Cupcake Chic it is then. Behold!

The cupcake box.
I only bought two after scrutinizing for at least 10 minutes all the available cupcakes. I can't decide because I figured since it is a splurge lets just choose the one which is the most decadent ones and worth the sugar high. Since SquareCookie was tagging along that day, it would be much easier to finish 2 cupcakes between 3 person who: #1 is an ice cream girl (Riceball) ; #2 is cutting down sugar (JBoy); #3 who doesn't have preference and doesn't give a damn (SquareCookie)

Open up the box and tadaa! That evil cupcake seller punished me for staring at the cakes too long and bought only two. He gave me the one with the smallest piece of chocolate on top and the messiest almond toppings. I am mad.

And the verdict, from the 3 person:

#1: Riceball says, "I still prefer ice cream!"
#2: JBoy says, "Nice, but too sweet!"
#3: SquareCookie says, "Ma-der, icing too sweet, cake too biasa!"

I believe we all still prefer ice cream.


  1. seriously, the cupcake really too sweet to my liking and the cake really biasa ma.. gimme choco cake anytime or ice cream~ choco icecream~

  2. Yaya, agree that the icing was sickeningly sweet and the cake was just a disappointment, even though it was the bestseller. Ice cream FTW!


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