Arab Cuisine @ Al-Baraka Restaurant

Due to the population of Middle Eastern students in Cyberjaya, Arabian and Iranian restaurants and grocery stores are a common sight. This particular restaurant is highly visible as it was located at the corner and is very bright and warm due to the afternoon sun.

Not knowing what to order, we settled on the safest choice: chicken.

My chicken shish tawouk. Two sticks of skewered chicken, two salads, fries and a flatbread.

JBoy's grilled boneless chicken, served with the same sides as my shish tawouk.

Fries and flatbread aside, Arabian cooking is agreeable to my palate. For RM12.00 per set, it is quite expensive, suitable only for an occasional lunch. This restaurant is situated along the same row as Kafe Chai Indian cuisine in the area known as Neo Cyber.

Al Baraka-Restaurant
32-G, Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat,
Cyberjaya, 63000,


  1. soo sorry shop al baraka now no naic no same before for chithen maybe hi do no cook,, for twiter,, no naice people,, shop al baraka now no naic before food naic,, twiter oll naic now now never

  2. al baraka shop now for cook no clen.. only gif sakit perut

  3. al baraka only gif have many can gif twitter naic, but don have many no gif ,,what have naic,,,,,subcananaloh this albaraka shop. why no closed shop same lathis.

  4. These people below me, you don't even know how to spell correctly.Stop giving UNreadAble comments. IF you even know what i mean. Al-Baraka's food is delicious. You are not paying rm50 bucks per dish,and isn't a fine dining concept so stop complaining because the food there are at least eatable unlike others.


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