Axian Dim Sum

Axian Dim Sum opened a branch in the USJ Taipan Business Centre area. A Xian, whose English name is Jason Yeoh, hosts the food discovery show called "阿贤人情味 Taste with Jason" on Astro AEC. Naturally, for the first few weeks, people can be seen standing up around tables just to wait for the occupants to finish eating. I have no patience waiting, so I went today instead, after the hype died down.

Sealed utensils.
Upon sitting down, a set of utensils consisting of a plate, teacup, spoon and a pair of chopsticks were plonked in front of us. They were made of porcelain. Seeing that I was busy (taking photos), the waiter unwrapped them for me.

The lomaikai (glutinous rice with chicken) was typical and certainly not dim sum shop standard. There were some white spots of rice in the center, which means they didn't stir it thoroughly.

Dim sum.
We took some usual dim sum fare, shiu mai, har gau, pork ribs and seaweed rolls. They claimed that they used organic pork to make the dim sum. I felt that they should have been juicier, and less salty. The skin of the har gau and shiu mai were also a tad too thick. The dim sum was a lot less oilier than the ones that I used to have. Perhaps because of that they compromised the texture and the succulency of the dish. If you are into less oily dim sum, this place is for you.

Order chit.

The order chit. Dim sums starts at RM3.00 onwards. Our bill comes to around RM30.00++. They charge a 10% tax. I felt really thirsty sometime later after the meal.  Foodwise, I've been told not to expect alot by people who have eaten here before, so my expectations was quite low. However, after tasting it myself, this isn't a place that I will return. On an unrelated note, I notice that the dishes came in big plastic boxes, readily wrapped, and the waiters keep all the used dishes in the same plastic boxes. Seems like they outsourced the dish washing. Wasteful.

Axian Dim Sum USJ
32, Jalan USJ 9/5n,
47620 UEP Subang Jaya,
Tel: 603-80249866, 60162019836

Axian Dim Sum Bandar Puteri Puchong
25-G, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri,
47100, Puchong,
Tel: 60380636866, 60162019836
Footnote: Outlet Closed. Axian Dim Sum @ USJ9 is no longer open for business.


  1. From the way I read it, I don't feel like paying them a visit leh..

    How about the thai food you mentioned? Gonna blog bout it? I am looking forward for that...

  2. Whoa, really sound so bad meh? But honestly no second time for me either. There are far more cheaper and tastier alternatives.

    as for the Thai food, it was kinda dark so I only have 1 photo. Dunno I should blog about it or not...

  3. blog la.. i wanna read...

    -.= i long time no eat good and nice food liao..

  4. Ayuthayya? That place too dark to take any nice pics.

  5. i've tried the Puchong branch before & in conclusion, I would not visit the 2nd time.

    The menu was pricey & the quality & taste is not good.

    I would like to digress, if you are free, visit Kepong & try Mo Mo Paradise, near Desa Park City. It's a buffet style steamboat restaurant. Speciality: buffet style on conveyor belt ala Sushi King! Must try! :D

  6. Mo Mo Paradise? Ok, noted! Will explore that area soon. Yeah, this Axian is really banking on popularity rather than serving nice dim sum. Its a shame but people still go in droves.

  7. i saw axian dim sum puchong no more name and management .. close shop alredi axian?
    the dimsum super MSG content!

  8. Yup! The branch in USJ also changed to another name called "Luk Yu". Haven't check them out though. Its a shame.

  9. Luk Yu aka Axian in USJ gone bust liao...closed after less than 1 year ...with thier poor quality food and bad service, it is no only left puchong Luk Yu which i find also bad in taste and service...shame

  10. Yup, Axian/Luk Yu in USJ closed down after a brief time in business. Its a shame.


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