Hatyai Street Food

The one thing I really loved about Haadyai is the abundance of tasty street food at any time of the day. Each and every small lane is packed full of hawkers peddling bite size food and refreshment. Sweet, savoury and spicy, they have all sorts of food to appeal to all sorts of tastebud.

baby pineapple

In the noon when the sun was scorching hot, drinks, fresh cut fruits and coconuts were readily available. In between shopping, the four of us kept sipping on coconut juices and munching fruits. We have never eaten so much fruits in a day!

mango rice
mango rice
fried seafood

In the night, smacked between stall selling merchandises, snacks such as grilled cuttlefish with kickass sauces, mango and durian glutinous rice, fried chicken and seafood, grilled meat on sticks and much more tempt shoppers with their mouth watering smell.

After hours when all the shopping died down, pushcarts selling congees, soup noodles and sweet soup noodles dominated the street. And then there were also fried noodles and fried rice, tomyam and fried dough, if congees and soup noodles are not your supperfoods.

satay ayam
chicken rice
pork rice
tongsui stall

We also discovered McCafe, something that has yet to come Malaysia. Feels just like Starbucks.
busy street

The busy street in front of Lee Garden Plaza. There was a lion and dragon dance to celebrate New Year on that night. Awesome performance!


The cuttlefish we bought from the streets.

twister potato

This interesting snack consisted of a whole potato, cut into a long spiral, threaded on a stick, deepfried, and seasoned with choice of condiments. Interesting way to eat a potato.