Dining in Hatyai - Kam Ying Restaurant

Back in February during the festive Chinese New Year period, we packed our bags and went on a family trip to neighbourhood Hatyai, Thailand. Our trip was solely focused on shopping with some food thrown in, so not much sightseeing has been done. The place was jam packed with Malaysian tourists but still fun nonetheless.

One of the very first meals I had after stepping into Thai soil consist of the signature dish: tom yam.

tomyam seafood

We order this soup almost every meal. Sourish, spicy and full of flavour, this soup is very appetizing. The Thai version is slightly more sour, light and refreshing than Malaysian tom yam. They don't skimp on ingredients. When we order seafood tomyam, we get a general serving of real seafood like prawns, fish slices, squid, clam, and even chicken slices.

deepfried fish

Deepfried fish. Crispy.

oyster omlet

Oyster omelet.


Kam heong stirfried crabmeat. This is the laziest way to eat crab. Sans the shell, it is easier to eat the meat.


Mango kerabu.


Fried kangkung.

fried meat

Some fried meat.

Despite the crowd food was served pretty fast. The servers informed us beforehand of a possible 20 minutes wait. Now that is good customer service.

甘英饭店 Kam Ying Restaurant
Hatyai, Thailand


  1. Oh the dishes look so good....I'm so hungry right now. I was in Haadyai several years ago and thought the food there is pretty good and authentic. Cheers!

  2. Hi! Glad you enjoyed Haadyai food as much as I did. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I wonder when I can go there. o.O the tom yam really makes me drooling.

  4. Come la, let's go together larh. We can free and easy. :D


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