Subway Sandwiches @ Summit USJ

Its the time of the year again. At work, we have been really busy with deadlines and projects. On the homefront, Chinese New Year is just a few weeks away so we've been shopping for household items, gifts, new clothings and stuffs to usher in the new year.

Weekend these days are full of activities, and it was one rare Sunday brunch I thought about having sandwiches that brought us here. Sandwiches here are assembled to order, and I get to point and pick. I love the jalapenos pepper! I got myself a roast beef.

We upgraded our meal and we got soft drinks and either a choice of two cookies or a pack of chips. I chose the coconut cookie and oatmeal raisin. The cookies were a disappointment though. They were soft and chewy, but at least the taste were flavourful. With the meal costing 30 bucks over for sandwiches, I don't think I will drop by that often.