Rock and Roll Cafe @ Melaka Raya

Chili con Carne.

Rock and Roll Cafe deserves an honourable mention as one of the establishment serving decent Western food in Malacca. I knew this place by word of mouth, and the restaurant seems like a well kept secret. The walls are full of band photographs and paraphernalia and the owner himself host jamming session upstairs.

Fish and Chips
I went there a couple of times for the steak, which were quite good, but the dim lighting has been harsh on my food photography, hence, no steak photos. These few food photos were snapped with flash, although it is a big no-no in food photography but my compact camera has its limitation.

Tomato and mushroom pasta.

Pasta was on the bland side, too sourish. All I can say is, go for the steak, they are better than the rest of the stuffs that I've tried before.

The salad comes with the set meals. Looking at these photos I wish I could go and have some steak there again. It was a good place.

My Rock & Roll Blues Cafe

34 Jalan Melaka Raya 23
75000 Melaka.
Tel: 06-284-9652


  1. Woo gurl! are you residing in Melaka?

    1. Not currently, but I spent six years in Melaka.


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