Fullhouse @ Sunway Pyramid

I've heard of this fancy cafe back then when they were in Niu Zhe Xui, Ara Damansara, but has never really found the place even though we tried driving there. So, when I saw Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe in renovation in Sunway Pyramid, I was so excited. Its going to be near and easily accessible. The cafe was in all sense, cute and cozy, and I was in awe. Most things are on sale. Even the potted plant on the table has price tags on it.

We dropped by at the time in between lunch and dinner, so we had hi-tea instead. These mini cakes and tarts are RM13.00 for half dozen. They called it petit fours and can be seen displayed outside the cafe. A petit four is a small confection generally eaten at the end of a meal with coffee, or served as part of dessert. The name is from the French petit four, meaning "small oven".

This is the menu, which looks a lot like a cutesy magazine. The illustrations were all so cute and dainty! The four characters are frequently referred to in the menu. Can't quite remember their name, but there's George and Tony? They also featured set meals which are named "George's favourite meal" or something like that. Prices are quite reasonable.

Fullhouse Sunway Pyramid
LG 1.96 , Sunway Pyramid.
FB: http://www.facebook.com/fullhousecafes


  1. oh ya having giveaway at blog have a look :)

  2. so yummy must try next time :)

  3. Just a quick question, is this place halal ?


  4. Not too sure, but I think it is pork free.

  5. [...] Fullhouse is that cutesy cafe with that yellow mini parked right in front of it in Sunway Pyramid. Tucked somewhat in a corner, this place is just too cute that they asked to be eaten, and surprisingly, the food is not too bad. We were there during weekday and the lunch set was quite reasonable. A main dish with a soup, a drink and a petit four cost less than RM20.00 (at the time of writing). [...]

  6. [...] also serve petite fours similar to Full House and the decoration reminds me about Full House as well, just with more pink and definitely more [...]


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