Jonker Street Nancy Kitchen for Nyonya Food

Jonker Street, the popular name for Jalan Hang Jebat, is flanked with buildings hundreds of years, built during the Dutch colonial days. This old street is a charming, time forgotten spot that offers a relaxing vintage atmosphere. I like this place; the local cuisines, the pubs, the vintage collectibles for sale and even the crowd. Have you been to Jonker's night market? The Jonker Street night market held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday is a big hit with local and overseas tourist alike.

During the daytime the street is still full of activities. Food, local Nyonya/Peranakan cuisines especially, is abundant. Nancy's Kitchen, one of the many Nyonya restaurant along this street, seems to be gaining popularity among our cliques. So, out of curiousity, JBoy and I went there for lunch.

These are colourful ang ku kueh, filled with mung bean paste.

It was packed full with customers although it was a weekday. Since there were only two of us, its easier to find a small table tucked at the corner. While waiting for our order, we took our time checking out the displays of Nyonya kuehs, snacks and cookies. Many of the traditional kuehs and snacks such as angku kueh, kueh koci, glutinuous rice with palm sugar,  beehive cookies and pineapple tarts were available for sale. 

Traditional kuehs and snacks.

Glutinous rice and coconut shreds cooked with palm sugar.

Since there was only the two of us, I can't be ordering too much, so we just settled for what is famous. This is a small plate of sambal belacan, very much similar to my Amma's version.

This is one of the better otak-otak that I've ever tasted. Heavy on the coconut milk flavour and mild on the spice, I could eat them again and again without feeling the sting of the spiciness.

Their candlenut chicken is a hit among the customers. I saw many tables ordering this dish, its a must-eat.

Four angled bean with belacan and prawns. Crunchy and flavourful.

 Also available are the famous Nyonya changs 娘惹粽, a variety of chang 粽 made by the Nyonyas. The chang has different fillings than the typical bakchang 肉粽.

This place is always flocked with customers, so be sure to go earlier to wait for a place.

Nancy's Kitchen
No.6, Jalan Hang Jebat
75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: 06 283 6099


  1. how nice if i will there. as i can eat a bull now while waiting for dinner time to come....
    nice food nice wine....
    part of a good life......

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  3. awww, go have a nice dinner and enjoy yourself, dad! :D

  4. There is no doubt when you are at Nancy kitchen,as express and picture send by Ricebalz, every little thing deserve the comments AAA.Fantastic , its original taste of ancient nyonya different from any nyonya food displayed elsewhere.I believe the rempah , traditional cooking that make so much different. Bravo, will convey to friends A MUST when holiday in Malacca.


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