Pacific @ Dataran Pahlawan, Second Visit

To celebrate me being officially jobless J, SC and I went crabbing at the oh-so-expensive Pacific Seafood @ Dataran Pahlawan just because of the soft shell crabs.

soft shell crab

Just because of you, oh soft shell crab! We came all the way to munch on your divinely crunchy, deepfried exoskeleton! Yum, yum!

the kiap

And these pincers. They are the necessary tool for me to crush the fingers of those people that pissed me off. Oh, and they are handy for crabbing too.

the crab

The crab. I can't imagine that I am a sucker for these stuffs. When I don't eat them for a long time I feel fine. But when I do, I dream about them so much that I have to have it again. Its like an addiction.

the vegi

Not that many dishes ordered and the bill still came up to three digits. Expensive place to dine.


And of course, nothing beats chilling out at Starbucks afterwards with a sugar high caramel laden coffee.


  1. ish! u made me wanna eat crab again.

    Hahahaha i saw my java chips hiding behind ur caramel frap~

  2. that's why! aitelyu those crabs are evil! always hypnotize me and say "come eat me! come eat me!"

  3. the prob is when they serve the crabs.. i suddenly don feel like eating them

  4. wuah, how come? geli? tak sedap? you talking bout this restaurant or all crabs?

  5. cey, then lets get together and go for vegetarian food...

  6. no la. muak jor, order too much ma.. plus i got eat at home also.. ya know my parents style....

  7. eh i don mind if there's nice one...

    still i wan crab...

    and i wan crab....

    and we have yet to try out the crab porridge again...

    last i had it was during my graduation...

  8. and that was like, two years ago? sheesh, whatodo, i dunno where is that place also and you never bring.

  9. i wanted to bring, but never get to do so.

    the last time we planned, accident happened.

    haha. i'm sure we will have loads of chances.

  10. choi! dont talk bout accidents anymore! hmm like this got like, so many things have to go but no chance go. :P

  11. at least u are there.. so, it is easy for u to do anything ler


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