Kuala Selangor Seafood Binge

Here we are, in Kuala Selangor, looking at tugboats bringing in the freshest catch while waiting for seafood in this stilted restaurant overlooking the bay. Kuala Selangor is en route to our hometown, so whenever we go back, we will drop by to eat and buy some fresh seafood.

Three-flavoured steam fish
Garlic steamed scallop.
Butter crab.
Deep fried buns.

Three-flavoured steamed fish. Sour and savoury with a mild sweetness from the fresh fish, this is an appetizing dish. Goes well with white rice. The scallop, cooked with garlic, was very fresh with springy meat. The crab, however, was disappointingly not as fresh and not as fleshy, but the gravy is superb. It was cooked butter style, or in Cantonese, nai yau. The deep fried bread goes nicely with the crab's gravy.

Squid fritters.
Exterior of the restaurant.
Overall this place offers reasonably priced seafood with many cooking style options. It was a good pit stop to enjoy a meal in a quaint fishing village style restaurant.
Riverview Seafood Restaurant No. 1, Jalan Besar,
Pasir Penambang,
Kuala Selangor.


  1. Fuh. Nice? Very long never eat seafood already.

  2. Nice! Wanna go that day when fetch you back but I slept. LOL!


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