Pacific Seafood @ Dataran Pahlawan

I have been eying this restaurant ever since it opening a few months back, and lo behold! We went there for Sue's farewell dinner yesterday. This place is an airconditioned Chinese restaurant serving seafood. Our group came for the crabs, as they said it was nice.

The non crab dishes that we ordered:


Green vegetables.


Satin chicken, which is actually quail birds. The meat is too chewy for my liking.


Claypot tofu. Standard stuffs.


This coconut is supposed to contain tomyam, or assam prawns, but it has been emptied out by the time the photo was taken.

And the crabs for the night.


Kam heong crabs. A bit spiced, savoury and full of crab flavour.


Salted egg crabs. Tangy, salty and finger licking good.


Soft shell crabs deepfried in salted egg yolk batter. This is more like a snack food than dish.

These medium sized Alaskan crabs (as advertised by the restaurant) is meaty juicy and succulent, it doesn't take much effort to devour them. They also have a few more cooking variations that I would really love to try, but since crabbing is more fun with a bunch of friends, I guess I would have to round up some peeps first.


  1. nice food. wish i was there.

  2. mi mi mi mi! mi interested! mi!

  3. Whats a question with no answer called?

  4. [...] celebrate me being officially jobless J, SC and I went crabbing at the oh-so-expensive Pacific Seafood @ Dataran Pahlawan just because of the soft shell [...]


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