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I particularly revere convocation lunches. Not only it is a good time for family members to enjoy good food, the luncheon is good for gathering, swapping gossips and practically enjoy the company of each other.

It was CousinWS convocation, So, he's the celebrated man of the day. :D

This time round we had Thai food in Thai Corner, USJ, courtesy of AuntieI.

squid fritters
The squid fritters.
asparagus prawn
Stirfried asparagus and prawns.
Tom yam. I was expecting white tom yam of some sort, actually.
kerabu mango
Raw, fresh and sour. I like!
green curry
Looks more white than green, I remember this dish to be particularly sweet.
thai steamed fish
Thai styled steamed fish. Sour~
fern shoots
Goreng pucuk paku in sambal. Fern shoots!
pandan chicken
Chicken wrapped in screwpine leaves.
ais kacang
And some dessert.

Congratulations, CousinWS! Thank you for the meal.


  1. Eh, makan tak ajak :P Me so near summore.

    Congrats to cousin! Grad already!

  2. Eeyer tot u busy gathering mahhh.

  3. -_- i busy teman family actually :|


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