Hup Huat's Porridge on A Hot Saturday Afternoon

menu on the wall

This place is warm. I mean, literally. The place is only open during afternoon hours (where the sun is scorching 90% of the time in this climate), they serve hot food, (Everything is hot and piping fresh from the stove), and the fans are not doing any good to cool the place down. If you can read Chinese, the words on the walls are the menu.

claypot porridge

The most puzzling food I ordered that day. It was so hot that I am at risk of sunstroke and dehydration, but I go order claypot porridge. I almost jump out of my skin due to the heat after eating this.

prawn dumpling fritters

This prawn dumpling fritters are a package succulent prawns in crunchy skins. Can't stop popping them into my mouth. They are addictive, so be forewarned.

fried rice

This beansprout fried rice is actually quite nice. Crunchy beansprouts with spring onion, prawn and a hint of sesame oil, it is something different in a pleasant way.


This feel good old school place is located beside an old and now defunct cinema, near the waterfront in Jalan Bunga Raya with a huge pebble stone parking in front that requires you to pay upfront before parking.


  1. the porridge look nice,do they have minced meat with salted fish :)

  2. :( nope, they don't have your favourite, they only have this mixed pork porridge.


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