How to Treat a New Claypot

new claypot

Meet the latest cookware addition in my cramped flat kitchen, a claypot. I could actually visualize all the porridge, soup, claypot chicken rice and whatnots slowing cooked to perfection in the claypot the moment I saw this claypot selling at a bargained price.

Before using a new claypot, there are certain things that must be done to ensure that the pot is usable. My claypot comes with an instruction manual, so it wasn't so hard, but for the benefit of those claypots selling without instructions, here it is:

Directions for Treating a New Claypot
Wash away all the sand and grit in the pot.
Soak the new claypot with rice water (leftover water used for rinsing rice) in a container or pail, overnight, or at least 24 hours. Make sure the rice water covers the whole claypot.
Use the claypot to cook porridge for the first time.
Do not leave claypot burning on direct flame without food or water inside, as it will cause the pot to crack.
I did not eat the porridge cooked using the pot for the first time, as I was quite squeamish about the leaching from the pot into the food. According to the instruction manual, if you encounter leaking problem when you first use the pot, please do not be alarmed. The reason is due to the manufacturer's 3%-5% allocation of osmosis (movement of water moleculese from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration) when making the claypot to avoid damage from high temperature. Just follow the instructions above and you will be fine.

second meal cooked using the claypot. Asam pedas fish.

asam fish

I used prepackaged asam pedas paste, fish, lady's finger, onions and celery. Simple and quick.


  1. when can i get a taste of it ???

  2. Great tips! I was told that claypots are supposed to be used on gas stoves, but I've used them on my electric coiled-top and they are fine. What's your take on this? The Assam Fish looks so tasty...mmm. What brand of Assam, Curry, or Laksa would you recommend? My sister is planning visit in the States, would be nice to request for some of these goodies.

    Thanks much!

  3. @dad-anytime? :P

    @jy-yesh, i'll tell you the next round i am cooking this

    @Audrey-Hi! Glad that you find the tips useful. I think the claypot will be fine on electric coil top so as long as the temperature is not too high. I don't buy many prepackaged sauce, but I go by the brands of A1 or Tean's. Both are quite good. A1's nyonya steamed fish is delicious and the sauce is versatile enough to be foil baked, steamed or cooked in the claypot. For curries and laksa, I usually just grab nice looking packages. I am a sucker for nice packagings.

  4. May I know where you get your claypot? I got a simple one for less than RM10 and did soak it in water. Unfortunately when I used it to cook pork, somehow the smell coming out of it is not so nice. Thinking of getting antoher one.

  5. I got mine in Parkson. Used to have one bought from a thrift shop, but encounter the same problem as yours-awful smell and leaking. Methinks it is better to invest in a good one, afterall, we are eating things cooked in it.


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