Otak Cheese Toast

otak cheese toast

Last weekend was a flurry of activities what with sis and friends bunking over at my place to watch drama, shop and eat in Malacca. SquareCookie who is working in Muar brought a bagful of otak otak as souvenirs! Lovely, isn't it? Most of the bulk are resting in my freezer right now, and with the recent relocation of my oven onto the fridge, it has become so convenient. Out from the freezer and into the oven, it takes only less than 10 minutes to enjoy freshly grilled otak otak.

But that is not good enough. I was thinking, "Hey, I have a freezer full of otaks, I could do a whole lot more than just otak otak. I want to be creative. I want to make more out of my otaks. I want to enjoy otaks in more ways than one. And the first thing I do was, this.

otak cheese toast
Otak Otak Cheese Toast. This was my first trial and there is a lot of room for improvement.

otak cheese toast

Otak Cheese Toast
2 slices of white bread
1 tbsp of mayo/or butter as bread spread
1 slice of cheddar or a handful of cheese (too much cheese will overpower the heavenly otaks)
3-5 sticks of otak otak (the more the meatier, think of it like some ham)


  1. If the otaks are frozen, give them a good toast first.
  2. Butter up the bread with mayo or butter. Feel free to add chilli sauce or mustard
  3. Line the otaks on the bread, spread the cheese and cover the bread
  4. Either grill or toast until the cheese melts and the bread browns. 


  1. oi! made me hungry! i don have oven. :( cannot make

  2. Can grill with pan and gas stove la. I think it will taste even better. I am gonna try the grilled version tonight and update the findings. :D

  3. eh update me. try putting there for 3.5 hours see if it will goes soggy. If not, i can bring to the office.

    btw, the bread kokei d right? still can eat?

    what's with the anson lang.. talk till you are not one :P


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