Cheese Toast and Hearty Tomato Soup

The essentials of foodblogger consists of:
Food-Photo-Blog or Cook/Bake-Food-Photo-Blog

What I've been doing and is still doing:

Hence explains the once in a blue moon post.

To compensate for the sluggish amount of post, behold, my sit-in-front-of-computer snack on a rainy Sunday while playing some old RTS game (I wonder if anyone still play Sierra's Emperor: ROTK?)

cheese toast and tomato soup

"Hey, I saw your teeth mark!"


"On the toast!"

cheese toast and tomato soup

Bleh. =..=||


  1. What teeth mark?

    Oi. Tomato soup no recipe?

    Muffin post! Muffin post! Muffin post! Muffin post! Muffin post!

  2. Okeh, if you ask for recipe, I sure give one.

    Muffins, coming up! I hope you don't go toilet after eating them. Wakakaka!


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