Thai Cuisine @ King’s and I, King's Hotel


My birthday was a month ago and right now I am officially a quarter century old. I have to admit that I kinda lost count since I was like, sixteen. So, off we went for Thai food in King's and I, the Thai restaurant located inside King's Hotel.

Thai appetizer

Despite the usage of Thai in the menu, it was illustrative and descriptive. For appetizers we ordered this assorted stuffs wrapped with leaves. There were toasted coconut meat, dried shrimps, peanut, ginger, bird eye's chilli, onion and lime, dressed with dark and spicy peanut sauce.


The waitress teaching us how to do the wraps.


Basically, it is making a cone shape with the leaf, add the fillings and sauce, and eat the whole wrap one shot!

otak otak

This is the otak otak, wrapped daintily in pandan leaves. The succulent otak otak is filled with prawns, squids and fish meat.

Thai green curry

The Thai green curry, spicy and thick, with small aubergines inside.

pumpkin dessert

Initially I wanted to order the mangoes and glutinous rice but they were sold out! So it was this pumpkin and coconut milk instead.

yam sago

And a nice yam-ish, full of coconut milk dessert.

King's and I is a place of nice ambiance, and it was nice to enjoy Thai food in relative peace. With live band singing and the place open until 12.00am, it was a nice place to enjoy a cuppa drinks too, as they have a bar as well.


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