Zen by Secret Recipe

This Zen. Whenever I visit Dataran Pahlawan I would very much like to try it out, but alas, I always reach after dinner, so its always "next time" until this time round, it is the "next time".

Purposely went all the way to town for dinner just so that I could try out something there. Since I like everything pasta, spicy spaghetti with meatball it is for me then.

JBoy's gourmet laksa, which, quoting him, "tasted like how it should taste". I find it typical for a cafe meal.

The one that takes the cake, of course, are the desserts. They serve pretty much different desserts from Secret Recipe, but the style is somewhat similar. Can't quite recall the names of the desserts, but they tasted quite good. The mandarin orange panacotta was light and refreshing. I think I will return more to try out those interesting looking desserts. As for the food, well, maybe, just maybe.