Tok Su Gong Revisited

We are currently on a Korean food streak. This time round, its Korean barbecue.

Samgyeopsal, the wonderful pork belly.

The waitress will grill the pork and cut it into smaller pieces while we just sit back and enjoy the side dishes.

The dip sauce for the pork.

Fresh vegetables, which was listed as sang chu in the menu. We are supposed to wrap the meat in the leaf with a garlic and green chillies, and eat the wrap.

Like this.

Of course, the meat itself wasn't that filling, so we also ordered a gukbab, which is rice, vegetables and beef slices cooked in a very aromatic, beefy soup.

This is another picture of marinated barbecue pork from a separate meal which I found in my camera. For comparison, I still prefer the un-marinated barbecued pork.