Korean House

After visiting Tok Su Gong for our fix of Korean meals most of the time, I was thinking maybe a change of restaurant might be a refreshing idea. Surely there's some difference; afterall different chefs has got different style.

So off we drove to the nearest Korean restaurant, which happens to be named Korean House, located right opposite the manmade MBMBB waterfall.

Unlike restaurants in shoplots, this was housed in a huge mansion. Diners could almost feel at home dining in Korean House.

The first to arrive was this pumpkin soup. It was very pumpkin-ish, with a mild sweet taste from the pumpkin.

Since the food was slow to arrive, I took the opportunity to capture each of every single side dish separately. I am not sure what their names were.

The seaweed soup that I really like.

Finally, the food I ordered, the bibimbap (pronounced as bee-bim-bop). The bibimbap was very different from those served at Tok Su Gong. Korean House served their bibimbap with fried eggs whereas Tok Su Gong breaks the egg into the rice and stir the whole pot while the stone is still burning. In this case I preferred Tok Su Gong's because theirs tasted smoother and more fragrant.

The spicy tofu soup didn't really have as much kick as Tok Su Gong's either, and the portions are smaller here.

In conclusion, while food in Korean House is good, I find that they are more localized to suit the Malaysian taste bud, whereas Tok Su Gong thrived on their authenticity.

Korean House Restaurant
No.8019 Jalan Datuk Palembang,
75150 Bukit Baru, Melaka.
Tel: 06-232 5119